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About Us

NSOFT is a leading provider of automation and Smart metering/ AMI solutions for distribution utilities. Our products include smart meter...
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Our products are robust, scalable and uses latest technology which helps our customers manage their billing and collection cycles efficiently.


We offer an integrated, comprehensive and enterprise class solutions that bring in transparency into the electrical system.


We render end to end software and maintenance service to our clients to help them effectively manage their electrical system.

Smart Metering


NSOFT enables enterprises to master a solution-defined approach to Smart Metering, Billing and Energy Management.


A disruptive low cost advanced metering infrastructure that enables automatic meter reading and remote control of meters, enabling better metering and collections.
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Software solutions for utilities that automate the billing and receivables management cycle. It reduces operational losses, increases revenues and profits, brings in visibility into demand and consumption, and enables better management control and reporting.
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Affordable and scalable cloud solutions that provide consumers with granular insights into their electricity consumption, to help them achieve operational savings.
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Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Meet our Leadership Team

Automated Meter Reading

H. Subramanya

Chairman Emeritus
Automated Meter Reading

Dr. Naagaraj Subramanya

Chairman & Managing Director
Energy Management System

Mangala Nagaraj

Non-Executive Director

" Transforming the SMART METERING world "

Customer Testimonials

Automated Meter Reading

Sateesh Nayak

Plant Engineering INDO-US MIM
"Thanks to NSOFT's Energy Management system, we at INDO-MIM have managed to bid at the IEX at every 15 minutes slots. This has saved us a lot of money we would otherwise spend on buying excessive power. I would highly recommend them to anyone serious about buying/selling power at the IEX."
NSOFT has been providing meter reading, billing and collection services to BESCOM through AMR & AMI technologies & it gives me immense pleasure to share with you that BESCOM has seen a massive increase of 30% in the demand and collection efficiencies.

Revenue Management

Controller of Account

Utility Automation


Engineer-in-Chief, BWSSB
I am very happy to state that, BWSSB is extremely satisfied with NSOFT's GPRS based billing services that they have been providing for the last 7 years.

NSOFT implemented a pilot project for Automatic Meter Reading in Mar 2016. I'm very happy to share with you that we saw a 27% increase in the billing and collection activities.
Billing and Collection

Executive Engineer

Jewargi Division, GESCOM

Our valuable Clients

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  • Smart Metering
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