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LoRa® technology is accessible to everyone and is inter-operable, which means that the customer can integrate devices from various manufacturers into the same system. With a LoRaWAN™ network, the architecture is a star, so each node communicates directly with the gateway which significantly extends the end-node battery lifetime and enables multi-tenant or open networks that have the ability to inter operate with other sub systems.

NSOFT has designed a Smart Read IoT module (patent pending) that uses IoT technologies to read meters in hard to access locations and transmits the data using LoRa technology to databases distributed in the cloud. The cloud/web-based head end billing and collection software monitors, analyses data, brings in the visibility into the network via dashboards, and helps the utility take swift actions. Our solution saves the utility time and cost in taking readings and improves accuracy. The Smart Read module has low power microchips that consume less power and have a long life. The modules can also communicate up to distances of 5km. The penetration is also good especially in low lying, hard to reach, and dense urban areas – where there are several connections in a given area.

NSOFT’s head end application software offers a broad range of tools designed for modern utilities to give an overview in the form of dashboards and reports, customized alerts on mobiles to various staff and officers of the utility, etc. Alerts can be used to identify leaks or other irregularities in the distribution network or with the end users. Billing and collection can be reconciled to take quick action against defaulters.

Using LoRa technology we install nodes and gateways to collect meter data at pre-set intervals. Small amounts of data are regularly sent to the cloud database for analysis. This remote meter reading ensures superior stability. Readings need not be taken manually, and nor does drive-by have to happen. Consumption data is available always almost in real time to undertake analysis and detect leakages and faults. Our application software also provides the required tools for analysis and optimization. AMR/AMI thus allows higher human/meter reader safety, since they need not now enter “hard to access” private property.

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