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Utility Automation

We perform energy audits using our Total Revenue Management software as a platform. Energy purchased and consumed needs to be matched and accounted. Our energy audits are done using state of the art technology and helps in energy accounting, tagging consumers correctly, and in identifying leakages.

NSOFT performs energy audits using our TRM software as a platform. Consumers are tagged to corresponding feeders and transformers using proprietary technology. With this base in place, audits are done in real time for any given period and input and output power can be matched to identify and pinpoint transformers and feeders where the loss is incurred. This enables accurate mapping, and identification of losses. It allows the distribution company to take immediate corrective action to prevent losses.

In case of prepaid meters, the major problem of the Electricity Distribution companies is that the consumer’s electricity usage information is not centrally logged due to which the utility does not have any hold on the amount of electricity consumed. There could be instances where, if the consumer runs out of power, there is a tendency to bypass the meter. NSOFT will implement energy audits for prepaid meters by using a retrofit to the meter and then extracting the data from the meter in a remote fashion. This data is pushed to a remote server.

The data obtained from the meter is converted into a readable format and is provided through a Web enabled system. MIS reports generated from this system can be provided on the mobiles of the authorized utility staff.