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Studies show that there will not be enough potable water by 2040 to quench the thirst of the world population. Despite this, most of the precious resource is wasted, leaked away or used recklessly (more than 30% of it). Only if 3 it is measured can it be conserved, and what needs to be measured must be metered. Most Utilities struggle to measure and meter water not only at the ned point but also at other points in the distribution network. This leads to loss of a precious natural commodity. Smart metering and AMI helps utilities to plug these losses, gain visibility into water distribution and conserve water. It helps them implement an effective water management system.

NSOFT’s solution for utilities, reduces non-revenue water losses due to leaking infrastructure and unauthorized use of water affecting almost 45% of potable water. It involves installing smart sensors working in conjunction with a back-end water revenue optimization software, that enables utility staff to receive alerts via smart devices, so they can respond to water leakage cases in near real time. The system helps take automatic readings at regular time intervals thereby reducing billing anomalies and improving revenue collection by more than 10%. Using the same IoT technologies and AMI infrastructure, sensors can also be installed at other locations like treatment centers to measure water turbidity, salinity, conductivity, PH and chlorine levels in real time.